Sewn Seeds

Isn’t this gorgeous?  Once I laid eyes on it, I couldn’t get it out of my head!

sewn seeds
HoopSisters’ Sewn Seeds, 2015 EmbroidaBlock of the Month

The colors are vibrant and beautiful.  I knew I had to make it.  And in THOSE exact colors!  Simply Stunning.

I had to wait a few months for the class to start at my LQS.  I had never participated in anything like this before.  While our instructor was giving us the lowdown, the practical side of me was coming to the realization that I would not be making this in those beautiful clear vibrant colors.  After all, those are not the colors in my home.  Where would I put it?  How would I display it?  What would the end use be?  I wasn’t going to invest the time  and just put it away in a closet or drawer somewhere.  I decided I would make a bedspread for our King bed with this project, so that helped me decide on the earthy colors.  Our homework the first month was to embroider 4 of one block and 16 of another.  The king size requires the largest size square and each one has 4 hours of embroidery!!  That’s 80 hours for the month and  doesn’t include the time to remove the hoop from the machine and trim the applique.  Hence, I’m a bit behind in my EmbroidaBlock of the Month!  Here’s what I have so far.

Sewn Seeds Block 1, Month 1
Sewn Seeds Blocks 1 and 2 for Month 1
Sewn Seeds, Block 2, Month 1

I do love it, but need to take breaks from it to work on other things.  Enjoying the process.


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