Moving Across the Country During a National Pandemic

Our kids were both living their best lives in the west, our parents had passed, and we (okay, I) kept asking ourselves (myself) why we were still in the Midwest. My husband is more the Grow Roots model and I am the odd one who enjoys change. I was ready to move west when my daughter told us she was pregnant, 5 years ago. Finally, after one particularly poignant experience in early August, Hubs decided he was ready to make the big move.

We pulled out a calendar and made a plan. We had lived in our current home for 32 years, so this was not going to be any easy task. We gave ourselves 3 months to purge our worldly belongings, pack a rented 16′ POD, our own 16′ box trailer, both cars, and our Airstream. We thought we would get our house on the market, head west, and live in our Airstream until our house sold, then begin the serious search for our new digs.

Oh, the purging…the decisions…the photos…the memories…the furnishings…last visits with friends…placing ads, Goodwill trips, give aways…all during a national pandemic. I sold my longarm, as well. Since we were moving ourselves, I was not too comfortable moving it such a long distance and we didn’t really have room for it, either. I would buy a new one, once we got settled in our new place. We have several friends who have sold or given away everything to live full time in their RV. I could never quite grasp the giving possessions away, but now I fully understand. I got to the point where I just wanted someone to take all the stuff away, because that’s all most of it is – just stuff. It feels so freeing to only have the important things with us and to know we have not left that for our kids to do.

A little levity among the work of purging.

One thing, then another, and another, and before the end of the three months of purging, we were under contract for our current home and had an offer accepted on a house in the state of Washington sight unseen. I can explain. Not really. It’s totally crazy! We hit the road in our Airstream before the end of the three months headed for a friend’s backyard in Oregon to live until both homes closed.

Leaving our IN home of 32 years to our new home in WA.

We stopped for a few days at our son’s home in Colorado. It was a nice respite after a rapid fire 3 months. We just needed to chill and it was the perfect place to do so.

Boulder driveway parking

But onward to Oregon and the 7 acre backyard to be our home for a month until our new home closed. It was the perfect, peaceful place.

Mooch docking on 7 acres at a friend’s house in OR

Fortunately, our daughter and SIL had been able to attend the home inspection for us and gave us the green light. Hubs flew back to the Midwest (during a notional pandemic, remember) to drive our car and 16′ box trailer, the last of our possessions, westward.

The first week of December we were moving in and making a new house our home. The Pandemic provided us a big block of uninterrupted time to settle in, even though we were anxious to meet our new neighbors. The sum total of furniture we brought with us consisted of 2 chairs, 4 tv trays, 2 lamps, a queen mattress, and a refrigerator. We purchased the master BR suite, a wardrobe, a day bed, and a foosball table from the previous owners. Any additional furnishings were purchased through Costco online delivery or Amazon, because we were not comfortable shopping during the Pandemic. Having said that, we did buy our dining room furniture from individuals online because it was exactly what I wanted.

So now we are living our best lives in the west and it is SO nice to be closer to family and watching our youngest grandson grow up.

Summer Airstream Adventures

If I miss a blog post, we are probably out camping with our friends.  We have met the nicest people camping!  We share the love of the outdoors.  Here are some pics from our summer:

It’s Friday! Time to TWIST!

TWIST – This Week In Studio Time

It was a slow week in my studio.  I was unpacking from one vacation and getting packed for an upcoming weekend trip.  I did have a good time playing with my fabric stash and auditioning fabrics for upcoming projects, though.

fabric stash
fabric stash

fabric stash














I also sewed two of my newest patches on my Airstream sweatshirt.  I collect jacket patches instead of bumper stickers when we visit places while Airstreaming.  Getting ready for a new season of adventures and friendships!

Airstream sweatshirt
Airstream sweatshirt

Airstream sweatshirt










My happy place!
My happy place!


St. George, Utah

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to travel to beautiful St. George, Utah.  “Jaw dropping gorgeous” is how I described it to my husband on the phone.  Perfect weather, mid to upper 70s, sunny, no humidity, and breathtaking scenery!  A local park with paved bike paths nearby provided convenient daily walking opportunities.

Superior Thread’s Sue Green-Baker Serger Workshop is what attracted me and it was so worth it!  Sue is a knowledgeable and entertaining instructor and the Superior staff was exceptionally helpful and courteous.  I have a serger that lives in my closet and really wanted to learn how to use it to its fullest potential.

Sue Green-Baker
Sue Green-Baker

I attended both the 3 day Beginning  and 3 day Advanced Classes back to back, with a day off in between.  Each three day class had its own huge binder full of colored pages with detailed instructions and page protectors for safekeeping of the samples you made during class.  The fabric for your samples was precut, bagged, and ready to go.   Superior Threads included a generous thread package to play with, as well.

Everything was so well organized.  I learned how many amazing features a serger has, for sure.  So cool! I sewed on Baby Lock’s Ovation, its top of the line model.  Of course, I fell in love (OOoooahhhh, that jet air threading!) and it followed me home.  My daughter inherits the one still in my closet!

A two hour lunch each day allowed us time to shop at Superior Threads and Fab Fabrics upstairs.

How to decide?


On Sunday, my day off between classes, I rented a car and drove about 30 minutes to Snow Canyon State Park and then on to Kayenta.  Others chose to drive to Zion or Bryce Canyon, but I had already been to both a couple of times. I was mesmerized by the scenery, once again.  Being a camper, I detoured through the campground within the park.  Check out these amazing campsites!!

One of several walking trails –



Then a very short drive to Kayenta and Coyote Gulch, an art village.  I loved the area so much, I visited a model home.


I could wake up to this every morning!


During the Advanced Class we met Bob and Heather Purcell, owners of Superior Threads.


Bob Purcell
Bob Purcell visited during class

Heather presented a trunk show of some of her garments and quilts one evening after dinner.  She pieces a quilt about every two weeks and has someone else do the quilting.

Heather Purcell


This visit was an exceptional one.  I just love spending time with like minded peeps!

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