Gift for China

My friends’ nephew went to China to teach English.  While there he fell in love and got married.  My friends visited China this summer to meet the new family members and wanted to take some gifts along for the newlyweds, Mom and Dad (in laws), and grandmothers.  We decided placemats and table toppers would be easy to pack, so I used my PJ’s In the Hoop Holiday Hostess pattern and made these.

Table Topper
Table Topper
Reverse side of one of the Table Toppers

I love this pattern.  It’s amazing how it all gets sewn together while in the hoop on your embroidery machine.

Here are the recipients in China:

Thanks, Kim and Eric, for giving me the opportunity to make these gifts for your new family members in China.  I’m so happy you had a wonderful trip.  It’s good to have you back home.

TWIST ~ This Week In Studio Time

Comfort quilt finished!  I was able to complete Megan’s gift and present it to her before her third chemo treatment.  My heart is in every stitch.  I gave a lot of thought as I was piecing and quilting for just the right thing to say on the label.

Megan's Label
Megan’s Label

The bits and pieces that represent life’s ebb and flow, ups and downs, joys and sorrows are on the front.

Tumbler Scrap Quilt
Tumbler Scrap Quilt

I echo quilted the tumbler shape after I stitched in the ditch.  I decided to name the quilt, Lemonade for Megan because we all know what we are supposed to do when life gives us scraps.

The label side was made of a wide single paisley printed fabric in case she preferred it over the scrappy side.

Back side
Back side

My wish is that it brings her much comfort.


TWIST ~ This Week In Studio Time

I hope all mothers out there enjoyed the weekend as I did.  I know some don’t care for the “Hallmark” Holidays, but I think they do make you pause and remember, which is their purpose.

My studio time last week was spent making these cute party favors on my embroidery machine.

Flamingo tealights!
Flamingo tealights!

I also began the HoopSisters Mystery Quilt.  I am such a sucker for mystery quilts!  Don’t know what it is, but it’s so hard to resist.  I don’t know how many mystery quilt classes I’ve taken from Charlotte Angotti and I’ve loved every one of them!  Anyway, I can only show you the fabric for this one as I’m sworn to double secret probation not to disclose until June 15 since it’s a mystery, so here’s my fabric selection.

Hoopsisters  2015 Mystery Quilt fabric selection
Hoopsisters 2015 Mystery Quilt fabric selection

Meet you back here at the end of this week..

Sewn Seeds

Isn’t this gorgeous?  Once I laid eyes on it, I couldn’t get it out of my head!

sewn seeds
HoopSisters’ Sewn Seeds, 2015 EmbroidaBlock of the Month

The colors are vibrant and beautiful.  I knew I had to make it.  And in THOSE exact colors!  Simply Stunning.

I had to wait a few months for the class to start at my LQS.  I had never participated in anything like this before.  While our instructor was giving us the lowdown, the practical side of me was coming to the realization that I would not be making this in those beautiful clear vibrant colors.  After all, those are not the colors in my home.  Where would I put it?  How would I display it?  What would the end use be?  I wasn’t going to invest the time  and just put it away in a closet or drawer somewhere.  I decided I would make a bedspread for our King bed with this project, so that helped me decide on the earthy colors.  Our homework the first month was to embroider 4 of one block and 16 of another.  The king size requires the largest size square and each one has 4 hours of embroidery!!  That’s 80 hours for the month and  doesn’t include the time to remove the hoop from the machine and trim the applique.  Hence, I’m a bit behind in my EmbroidaBlock of the Month!  Here’s what I have so far.

Sewn Seeds Block 1, Month 1
Sewn Seeds Blocks 1 and 2 for Month 1
Sewn Seeds, Block 2, Month 1

I do love it, but need to take breaks from it to work on other things.  Enjoying the process.


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