Gift for China

My friends’ nephew went to China to teach English.  While there he fell in love and got married.  My friends visited China this summer to meet the new family members and wanted to take some gifts along for the newlyweds, Mom and Dad (in laws), and grandmothers.  We decided placemats and table toppers would be easy to pack, so I used my PJ’s In the Hoop Holiday Hostess pattern and made these.

Table Topper
Table Topper
Reverse side of one of the Table Toppers

I love this pattern.  It’s amazing how it all gets sewn together while in the hoop on your embroidery machine.

Here are the recipients in China:

Thanks, Kim and Eric, for giving me the opportunity to make these gifts for your new family members in China.  I’m so happy you had a wonderful trip.  It’s good to have you back home.

Time to TWIST

TWIST – This Week In Studio Time

This week I tried my first ITH bag.  I’m happy with the way it turned out.  I made it for a high school graduation gift for a former 6th grade student of mine, and what a sweetie she is!  I can’t wait to give it to her.  I challenged myself by making it with bulking denim, but there is a reason..

I used denim from a slipcover for a big overstuffed chair I had in my classroom.  I used one of the seams for the strap and key tab. The students used to love to take turns sitting in it and everyone got to sit in it on their birthday (or half birthday if their birthday was in the summer).  I think she’ll remember it.

Denim slipcover complete with 2 of my former students being silly.
Denim slipcover complete with 2 of my former students being silly.

I’ll be making more of these bags, for sure.  In the hoop projects kind of amaze me.  So happy there are people out there who enjoy figuring these things out for us!

Take Care until next time!


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