About Cotton Theory

Cotton Theory quilting is a fast, fun, and unique way to construct a quilt using Betty Cotton’s fold-and-finish procedures.  Quilting your project is easy with this method since you quilt each piece individually before you construct your project. So, whatever the size of your quilt, the quilting becomes just as enjoyable as piecing together the design. This “Quilt first, then assemble” method allows to you to see your  reversible quilt come together by constructing one project. You can be as creative as your imagination will allow while producing completely reversible quilts with bobbin work, applique, and machine embroidery, if you so desire. Furthermore, all work is done with a sewing machine, even the binding, so there’s no need to do handwork.

I am very anxious to share my enthusiasm for this method with you in hopes that you will find renewed enjoyment in quilting while producing more finished projects.  I look forward to meeting and quilting with you!